CHECK-IN: Thursday, April 11th, 2019 at 3:30pm

CHECK-OUT: Sunday, April 14th, 2019 at 12pm.

AMENITIES: Five bedrooms, attic, full kitchen, two bathrooms. Bed & Breakfast vibe. No wifi.

COST: $330 per person (includes all three nights of lodging there). Guests may pay half to reserve their space ($165), and then the remaining half ($165) by March 11th, 2019.


Lodge At The Haunted Bellaire House During The Event.

The Bellaire House is located just ten minutes away from West Virginia State Penitentiary. The house was recently named one of the top haunted hotels and is quickly earning widespread attention from paranormal investigators around the country. This is considered an add-on for those who want to double their experience. Guests will check in Thursday, April 11th and check out Sunday, April 14th. After we rest up from WVP, we will hold an extra night of activities within the Bellaire House on Saturday evening.


Many investigators report that the Bellaire House is extremely active. They claim that equipment is thrown around and that they’ve been pulled or pushed while sleeping. There is a claim that the house is built over an Indian burial ground and also over the location where dozens of coal miners died. Guests will have free reign of the location on all three nights (when we aren’t at WVP).


The house has five bedrooms and can sleep 10-12 people comfortably. We are willing to cap it at 14 people and will bring a couple of blow-up mattresses just in case. The house has two bathrooms, working shower, and a full kitchen. There isn’t any wifi, so you will have to use your cell phone to create a hotspot if needed.

Since this place has a working kitchen, you are welcome to bring food.


This isn’t a Marriott, and you will be sharing the house with 10-12 other people. If you are traveling with someone and willing to share a queen bed, then you will be able to get your own room. If you are traveling by yourself, we will work with you to make sure you are comfortably placed within the house. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions before booking with us.


We plan to keep the add-on day relaxed and fluid. Since we will be finishing WVP early Saturday morning, we plan to let everyone rest and relax before we regroup.

When we check-in on Thursday, we will meet with the owner who will give us a brief history and tour of the location. Those staying at the Bellaire can arrive at 3:30pm.

On Saturday early evening, around 4pm, we will regroup to discuss the nights activities. We will do some social activities, as well as eat dinner at the Bellaire House. Later that evening, we will begin by hosting a traditional seance, followed by Dead Time activities that night.

Sunday, we will check out at 12pm and say our goodbyes.


Whether you’re new to a PRS event, traveling alone, or just want to help plan to make the stay more enjoyable, you’ll be added to our social app (easy to download on any mobile device or computer) where we will discuss plans for the house stay. You’ll be given instructions on how to join within 24 hours of booking your spot.